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Face to face, Online, Group, One to One, Blended or E-Learning Training

I provide training in a number of  digital media subjects

Video Production

Have you ever wanted to learn video production in a professional way, or how to improve the quality of the videos that you already make? Want to know how to shoot like a pro on any camera, including a mobile phone? Good at shooting, but need some help with editing?
Then I can help you. Learn the art of Video Production from start to finish, or just the bits you need.

Content Creation for Business

It can get quite expensive to engage a production company when you want to produce content for your company.
Why not learn to do it yourself, or upskill your teams?
It might be easier to do than you think and a lot less costly, possibly even free.
I can provide you with low to no cost options that will enable you, with practice, to create videos like a pro.

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills are so important and becoming more so. Presenting to camera presents a new set of skills that need to be mastered. Do you use digital tools to create amazing presentations for publishing online, or delivering in person? There are so many tools and options now, how do you find your way through them all?
I can help you to upskill and update.

Graphics and Animation

Even if you are not very good at drawing and you have no experience of graphic design, or animation, you can still create stunning visuals and moving images, with a little bit of help.
I can guide you through the steps to becoming independent in the creation of your digital content and introduce design thinking into your creativity.

E-Learning, Blended Learning

This is a very exciting area, a very creative space. There are so many tools and new digital technologies that can be used in all sorts of training and teaching. Sometimes the sheer amount of new tech can seem overwhelming at first. Where do you start?
I can help you navigate this exciting field to explore, safely, the opportunities provided to educators by new digital technologies.

Legal and Compliance

This is essential learning for anyone who creates and diseminates media content in any form.
How do you know if you are breaking the law, if you're not sure what the law is?
I can help you understand some of the fundamentals you need to know, in order to stay safe and keep other people safe, when creating and publishing digital content.

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