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Digital Media Content Consultation Services.

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Digital Media Content Consultation Services.

Whether you are an individual, or small business, public sector organisation, or charity, a marketing manager, or marketeer, blogger, or publisher, anybody who wants to make greater use of video and content creation in what you do, then I can help you find the best low to no cost solutions to use. I can also find you high cost solutions, with top quality equipment if you have a budget.

Whichever way it is, it’s important to define your strategy, your target audience and your delivery platforms and create the right work flows for your needs. So if you are big, or small, or even just starting out I can help you to navigate to the right equipment and training that you need.

If you need a technical consultation for a funding, or finance bid, I can help you define clearly your technical digital media needs. I have helped public and private sector organisations raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for new equipment and training and I can help you too.

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