E-Learning, Blended Learning Training

Using Video in the Class or Training Room

Learn to use video for presentations, assessments, and projects. Become proficient so that you can help your students engage with video and explore the ways that video can be used, in exciting ways, in the class, or training room.

Introduction to Podcasting

Learn how to use Podcasting to engage students, useful in all disciplines.

Make your own podcasts and stream them and gain proficiency to be able to train students to make their own podcasts too.

Learning Management Systems

What are Learning Management Systems and how are they used in schools, colleges and training companies?

Whether you have used Learning Management Systems before, or you have no experience yet, knowing how to use an LMS is becoming essential for the modern trainer.

With so many options available it can get very confusing which to choose, or where to start. We will take a look at some of the many LMS’s available and how to use them, including two of the most popular, that are completely free to use, Moodle and Google Classroom.

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