Video Production Training

Video Production


A complete beginners overview of video production from start to finish. Includes strategy, pre-production and development,production, post production and publishing. Understand the basic principles of video production and the production process to create great content every time. You will not need expensive equipment. All you will need is a connection to the Internet. We will use tools that are free of charge.


Shoot 4k, or 8k and edit using high end professional video editing software, to produce broadcast quality videos, or HD for Internet distribution. Learn to develop ideas, planning and strategy, budgeting, scheduling, clearing licences, assessing equipment needs, organising shoots, editing, clour grading, adding music and titles and publishing to various delivery platforms. We will use professional editing equipment free of cost. Some expenses may be incurred for other equipment use.

Video Editing


Have you got some experience editing videos, but want to improve the quality of your work? Or even if you have no experience at all and would like to get started editing from scratch.

We will explore free software that you can use to make professional edits and look at file management, file formats, program settings, workflows, timeline editing, basic titling, working with audio and outputtingfor various delivery platforms. Learn to make great videos for your social media pages.


Do you have some editing experience and want to improve what you are doing, use professional editing software?

Learn how to edit like a professional with Davinci Resolve 16.1.

Digital Camera Operation - Mirrorless/DSLR

Do you have a wonderful camera, but you shoot everything on automatic? Have you always wanted to know how to use the camera on manual, to get greater control of your photography and videography, but don’t know where to start? Or are you looking for a referesher regarding the basics of manual camera operation. Do you need to understand aperture, ISO, shutter speed, focus, colour, depth of field, lense types, shot types and shooting sequences. I can help you do that.

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